Yaffle Cafe and Bookshop

(above Sound Bites Wholefood Shop, 11 Morledge, Derby, DE1 2AW)


Mon-Fri               11-5

Saturday             11-5


Thu Meal Night   (Bookings Only pending staff availability - book ideally by late Tuesday though earlier the better)


Named after the wooden woodpecker bookend from the magical Bagpuss, Yaffle Café and Bookshop is a café and bookshop in a cosy little room above a wholefood shop. We serve vegan friendly mostly organic snacks and meals throughout the day to friendly vegans, friendly non-vegans, and the occasional unfriendly grumbler! Hot meals cost a dirtily cheap maximum price of £5.65. And by the soft light of the moon we hold a handful of interesting events and a weekly meal night. We also have a small selection of fabulous books for sale and to borrow.


We pride ourselves on being homely, affordable and a little bit ramshackle... the staff here are usually more than happy to have a natter, many of the decorations in the place seem to have come from goodness knows where, and we keep meaning to tidy up the big piles of books scattered around the room! Oh and our cakes are amazing and proof beyond proof that vegans can make great cake!


If you want to know anything more, check the links to your left. Bye!!!


Yaffle Cafe and Bookshop

Above Sound Bites (11 Morledge, Derby)




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