Yaffle Cafe, besides selling teas, is the dirty corporate sponsor of Derbys underground stand-up comedy scene. We have been involved in running a number of comedy nights (in Belper and here in Yaffle Café) and have also ran occasional workshops for aspiring new acts and are also are active in supporting other local comedy nights.


Comedy Workshops


Yaffle Cafe have run occasional stand-up comedy workshops for people who've made someone laugh at least once in their life and would like to do it again. So far everyone who's been through our workshops have found some way of accessing their funny bones, a few are now practicing comics, and most have made a few new friends and had a thoroughly good time. Workshops last four weeks and cost about twenty quid (or nothing if you're really skint), culiminate in a show (optional). Get in touch if you want to give it a go comedyderby@gmail.com or 07799815083





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