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Wow, been years since i updated this! Its all Facebook and Twitter these days. Unfortunately though the people who still look at websites like you are better, if we focused all our energies on you whilst being an infinitely superior cafe we wouldn't have any customers! News just in then, just for you, we're launching a new luxury pecan and coffee cake in the next few weeks and some new smoothy milkshakes! Beats the real news doesn't it! (21/5/15)


- We now do a daily hot meal special for 5.65 (for example chocolate chilli, thai red curry, nut roasts with gravy and mash etc.), new additions may come soon...


- Opening hours to change to 11am! And we'll be doing an early morning breakfast special of beans, vegan sausage, mushroom, tomato, toast with drink for 5.50


- Monthly games night on the first Saturday of the month starting with 4th May from 7pm-10pm.


- Monthly film night starting on Monday 20th May from 7pm till finish. 3 entry, please reserve seats on 07799815083 as space cannot be guaranteed (reserved seats will not be kept from ten minutes before film starts). This month will be The Golem, a 1920's German film, a horror in the Fitz Lang style about a 17th century Rabbi who creates a monster out of clay who reeks havoc in the Prague Ghetto... 


- Monthly alternative comedy night, expect the unexpected and don't come if you are sensitive to being offended. Saturday 25th May, 3 entry, 8pm start, please reserve seats on 0779815083 (reserved seats will not be kept from ten minutes before show starts).


- We're considering a monthly fancy five course meal night involving a top chef, though we're still to come up with details on this.  


- New international meal night and Friday night opening hours: International meal nights are now on Thursdays from 5.30-8.30pm. Fridays is no longer an international meal night however will open till 7pm.


- Just been given permission by food hygeine to cook hot meals in Yaffle at all times!!! Expect a new exciting menu very soon! (17/10/12)


- We now do dinner parties. Seven or more guests for 10 per head or 11.50 for an extended menu, on any night the cafe isn't open (thats most of them!). Drop us an email for more information... yafflecafe@gmail.com


- NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!!! www.facebook.com/yafflecafe Go on, 'Like' me! This will soon be our only facebook presence since the Yaffle ID and group will be shutting down, however expect it to be source of regular intrigue with daily updates including: meal deals, books of the week, interesting links etc. Thats if you're on facebook that is...


- As announced on facebook recently, Yaffle Cafe are now at war with all other cafes. We will fight them on the Morledge, we will fight them in the sea. Expect oceans of spilled tea.

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