I know cupcakes are all the rage at the moment so you'll probably think that Yaffle Cafe is hanging on the coat tails of a bandwagon full of yesterdays news soon to be tomorrows chip paper. GET OUT OF TOWN!!!


Our cupcakes are something else, our cupcakes cross the streams, our cupcakes are dance personified with flour!!! We've had a host of psychedelic flavours, nodding their iced bonces to the clangs and clatters of rock and roll, here's just some of the ones we've had:


- Snow Volcano - A grey sponge like volcanic rock with a lava like strawberry jam centre, covered in white icing, decorated with a pink swirling flower imbued with the essence of Bjork.


- The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Cake - A bluely iced cake garnished with a glitter zig zag, full of zingy apricot like the colour of David Bowies hair.


- Elvis flavoured cake - Since all our cakes are vegan friendly you'll be relieved to know this tastes not a bit like burger. Peanut and Banana was the favoured flavour of the King and the flavour of this cake.


- Courgette and Raisin - subtle and lovely on the inside, shocking green on the top, and a revelation to anyone who thinks you can't have vegetables for pudding.


- Pink Flamingo - Chocolate and strawberry with no added flamingo (but plenty of pink icing). Though do feel free to complain if you get a feather stuck between your teeth.


ps. If you have a favourite flavour, please request it and i'll have a word with my cake dealer and see what she can muster.


pps. Our cakes usually contain almond however fear not if you're allergic because Sound Bites do a range of lovely cakes downstairs that you're more than welcome to bring up.


ppps. Our cakes also contain a droplet of David Camerons tears as a kind of vaccine for the current Tory government. One of our cakes will make life under them ever so slightly more bearable.

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